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Baby Dont’t Cry and don’t have a Heart Attack either. It has been over 365 days since the last MV but this will be worth the wait. Don’t Go, My lady… just wait a little longer. AWOOO.

Sorry I’ve waited so long to tell you guys….

I’m actually a trainee in a company and planning to debut in late 2013! I’ve been working really hard day and night to prepare for this debut, so please give me and my members a lot of support! I also hope you understand why I haven’t been able to tell you about this… It’s private information that I was told not to tell to anyone except a few friends and family members. I have been given permission now by our CEO to announce to my followers on tumblr and twitter as well as announce it on my Youtube channel! I’m so excited about this and being able to tell all you guys! Please don’t forget to keep your eyes out for more information and I will update you guys later! It will be a little while to our debut, but it’s coming up! :) You guys mean everything to me and I will do my best to represent international fans! I hope none of you feel betrayed in anyway becuase I’ve been dying to tell you guys. This is my dream! I can’t wait to show you guys a new side of me, aside from my crazy fangirl self, on stage and please please please show us a lot of support! If you guys have any questions or want to tell me anything, leave responses below OR in my ask:) I PROMISE to respond and I will tell you as much as I’m allowed. I hope you understand where I’m coming from and why I couldn’t tell you sooner. What we will be showing you later this year is very different from anything you’ve seen in the kpop industry, so I’m super excited! THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING AND I LOVE YOU GUYS<3 You have no idea how much you mean to me and how much this means to me! Like I said, I will still keep this tumblr active and sorry for being so inactive lately! If you have any questions, leave them in this blog and I’ll reply! 2013 IS THE YEAR<3 Thanks again guys:)

Whenever the camera would come to me, I used to give a wink. But since my eyes are small, you can’t even tell if I winked or just blinked.

Infinite’s Kim SungGyu

Infinite’s Press Event

Okay, so there were probably a lot of Inspirits watching that didn’t understand anything that was being said.

Don’t worry! You didn’t miss much.. I was subbing it as I went along but the comments went by so quickly so I’m not sure if you could see it…

The boys talked a lot about this new concept, introduced the album and tracks, talked about love, and were asked some questions.

Hoya was saying how he/they wanted to promote as a group again as many of them were doing solo activities. Also, one thing I LOVE is that Infinite did their own version of 60 Seconds from Sunggyu’s solo album.

Sunggyu said that Infinite did the song with their own/different style from his version and that there was even a rap part. Definitely check it out because that version is awesome!

Sunggyu talked about acting with the cat as his girlfriend[?] and Woohyun hilariously asked him if it was a love scene with a cat.. [sorry, the translation sounds a little awkward from this part].

Woohyun also introduced his first self-composed track which is on this album titled ‘Beautiful.’ He sang a little bit of it, and it was wonderful! I heard the full song- DEFINITELY check it out! Proud of him!

Sunggyu especially emphasized how this concept was different and he honestly worried a lot about how this would be and how they’d present themselves. It was a long time, 10 months, since they had a comeback so they wanted to show the best for us Inspirits!

A lot of people associate them with 80s/90s feel music, and they didn’t lose that completely with this album.

Dongwoo talked about how he would like this to win and they would rather not compete[?] but go out there and perform and receive a win <—- Sorry, this is an awkward translation- My english is awkward.

Other interesting stuff included Sunggyu telling Hoya to come back to being Dance Machine Hoya as opposed to Actor Hoya. Sungjong said how he never experienced/had a first love yet.

Lastly, the boys expressed their hopes for this album and promotions and asked everyone to show them a lot of support and a lot of love!

Any questions for me about Infinite? JUST ASK! Thanks for reading!

This is a very short/condensed version of what was said but it gets the point across~

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Hyorin (SISTAR) - 널 사랑하겠어 ( I Choose To Love You )

One of my absolute favorite songs… Her voice is perfect for this and the words to this song always get me. This song also holds a lot of memories with it…

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♥300 Days with BtoB: Eunkwang♥

SEO EUNKWANG♥: You are the leader and father of the kids group… I can only imagine what that must be like. You are an amazing leader for the group, and you have a wonderful personality as well. And of course you have amazing vocals and I’m completely in love with you/your voice:P. After watching the MTV Diaries and B+ Diaries, you are officially my favorite member. I just want to mention this one thing specifically: CHURCH. I’m really impressed and happy that you go to church and say that publicly. THAT and you said your idea girl is one that goes to church.. [Not even kidding, I feel like I fit all of the characteristics of his ideal type… LOL.. seriously though…] Anyway, you are an amazing singer, performer, and person…. You always seem to be cheery and I really hope to meet you someday! :) By the way, you totally won me over when you played Noel’s song/sang it… I died. SEO EUNKWANG [you got three hearts total babyyyyy feel special.]

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Gain- Bloom
Boyfriend- Stop It
Sunggyu- 60 Seconds
Sunggyu- Because 
Park Hyoshin- 널바라기
4Minute- Creating Love
Noel- 하지 못한 말 [Things that I Couldn&#8217;t Say]
Big Bang- Fantastic Baby
Apink- Wishlist
GDragon- One of a Kind
Infinite- Only Tears
Boyfriend- Don&#8217;t Touch My Girl 
Hyuna- Bubble Pop
UKiss- 0330
Boyfriend- Janus
ZE:A- Daily Daily
Daesung- Wings
Noel- I Miss You
BAP- Crash
Big Bang- Bad Boy


  1. Gain- Bloom
  2. Boyfriend- Stop It
  3. Sunggyu- 60 Seconds
  4. Sunggyu- Because
  5. Park Hyoshin- 널바라기
  6. 4Minute- Creating Love
  7. Noel- 하지 못한 말 [Things that I Couldn’t Say]
  8. Big Bang- Fantastic Baby
  9. Apink- Wishlist
  10. GDragon- One of a Kind
  11. Infinite- Only Tears
  12. Boyfriend- Don’t Touch My Girl
  13. Hyuna- Bubble Pop
  14. UKiss- 0330
  15. Boyfriend- Janus
  16. ZE:A- Daily Daily
  17. Daesung- Wings
  18. Noel- I Miss You
  19. BAP- Crash
  20. Big Bang- Bad Boy

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