Infinite’s Press Event

Okay, so there were probably a lot of Inspirits watching that didn’t understand anything that was being said.

Don’t worry! You didn’t miss much.. I was subbing it as I went along but the comments went by so quickly so I’m not sure if you could see it…

The boys talked a lot about this new concept, introduced the album and tracks, talked about love, and were asked some questions.

Hoya was saying how he/they wanted to promote as a group again as many of them were doing solo activities. Also, one thing I LOVE is that Infinite did their own version of 60 Seconds from Sunggyu’s solo album.

Sunggyu said that Infinite did the song with their own/different style from his version and that there was even a rap part. Definitely check it out because that version is awesome!

Sunggyu talked about acting with the cat as his girlfriend[?] and Woohyun hilariously asked him if it was a love scene with a cat.. [sorry, the translation sounds a little awkward from this part].

Woohyun also introduced his first self-composed track which is on this album titled ‘Beautiful.’ He sang a little bit of it, and it was wonderful! I heard the full song- DEFINITELY check it out! Proud of him!

Sunggyu especially emphasized how this concept was different and he honestly worried a lot about how this would be and how they’d present themselves. It was a long time, 10 months, since they had a comeback so they wanted to show the best for us Inspirits!

A lot of people associate them with 80s/90s feel music, and they didn’t lose that completely with this album.

Dongwoo talked about how he would like this to win and they would rather not compete[?] but go out there and perform and receive a win <—- Sorry, this is an awkward translation- My english is awkward.

Other interesting stuff included Sunggyu telling Hoya to come back to being Dance Machine Hoya as opposed to Actor Hoya. Sungjong said how he never experienced/had a first love yet.

Lastly, the boys expressed their hopes for this album and promotions and asked everyone to show them a lot of support and a lot of love!

Any questions for me about Infinite? JUST ASK! Thanks for reading!

This is a very short/condensed version of what was said but it gets the point across~

Wise words from Infinite’s dinowoo (✿◠‿◠)

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Dongwoo’s lips appreciation post.

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Sunggyu casually drinking Vitamin water (while sitting on Dongwoo) ♥
1/50 gifs of Dongwoo

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That amazing dream where you’re best friends with Infinite and you’re dating Dongwoo…..

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Sunggyu moaning ‘cause Dongwoo was touching his sensitive nipples. lol