(This is only about my experience in the pit- not about the actual concert- that will be a separate post&more of a happy post lol)

SO, I was early entry (along with pretty much everyone else which was terrible planning on the production’s part). When I got into the venue at…


Hi guys! I haven’t been on here for a really long time because I’ve had issues logging in.. I AM BACK NOW! Thank you for all of the followers who stayed with me! love you guys

Guys with monolids are ten times sexier than guys with double eyelids…

like something about guys with monolids is just sooo much more attractive… idk.

don’t judge me.


[Updated version of my ideal type]
I get asked questions regarding this a lot, so I thought I’d make a new post about my IDEAL TYPE~

  • Someone who is respectful:I think respect is really important. Whoever I date/marry needs to be respectful… To me, to his parents, and also to elders. I just find respect to be one of the most important things. Do you really want a boyfriend who is disrespectful?…… Yeah, I don’t either.
  • Someone is funny:I like to laugh. A LOT.And I laugh a lot, so I want a guy that can make me laugh. He doesn’t even have to be some hilarious comedian guy, but just someone who can entertain me. I wouldn’t want to be bored or be with someone I find boring….. I laugh pretty easily too so it’s not that hard.
  • Someone who is kind of shy:I’m not sure why, but I really like shy guys. I think it’s because like usually if I’m approached first by someone, I’m not always interested- but shy guys are quiet and kind of a mystery to me. They make me want to get to know them, and once I’m comfortable with them, I feel better. [and if they’re shy, I won’t lose them as easily;)]
  • Someone who is passionate:When I say this, I mean that they have something they are interested in and feel strongly for. Some are passionate about learning, sports, music, etc… I like when a guy is really focused with something and works to be better. I want someone who will always strive to do their best and to reach their full potential.
  • Someone who is caring: I really like when guys notice things… If I’m upset, I love when he asks me what’s wrong. Or, if they see I’m cold that they give me their  jacket. Guys who carry stuff for me are nice to or help me down…. And not that I’m dependent on them to carry my stuff, but if he like notices I’m struggling and helps carry things.
  • Someone with aegyo:LOL. Not like aegyo aegyo, but just someone cute. I like guys who have a little aegyo, honestly. It’s cute when guys do aegyo every once in a while.. and not even the intentional my-fingers-are-curling aegyo. Just like aegyo to make me smile.
  • Someone I can depend on: I’m very independent, but I want someone I can trust and depend on. If there’s something wrong, I can rely on him to help me.
  • Someone who has a talent in a certain area:As long as he is able to do one thing well… It can be music, studying, sports, cooking, etc…. Someone who isn’t just like sitting around making me work and do everything.
  • Someone who is involved with charity/volunteers. Volunteering and doing charity work is something really important to me. I’ve been given so much, so I believe that I should give back. On top of that, it just makes me feel good knowing I’m making a difference in the lives of others. My future husband doing charity work with me is ideal.
  • Appearance wise:Someone taller than me, has nice eyes, and not skinnier than me. LOL. [There’s this guy and when we used to take pictures, I always hoped you couldn’t see our legs together because his were so thin.] I also like guys with monolids as opposed to double eyelids… I don’t know, I’m strange.
  • Someone who has a kind heart: That is soooo attractive to me. Someone with a kind heart and does stuff for others…. Where can I find a guy like that?
  • Someone who does something sweet:Even if it’s small, I smile when I get those “Good morning!” texts or anything like a message that shows they’re thinking about me. And I like guys who do couple-y things. MUAHAHA.

It is true and known that I seem to like Korean guys…. but that doesn’t mean I only like them. WHOEVER I DATE AND OR MARRY MUST BE A CHRISTIAN TOO AND HAVE THE SAME MORALS AND BELIEVE THE SAME STUFF AS ME. There is nothing worse than a couple disagreeing on such important things…..

Amidst all of the Christmas statuses, this one stuck out..

Happy birthday Jesus u was one real nigga”

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find this kind of offensive and rude. Referring to Jesus, the Son of God, as ‘nigga….’

….I guess it is just me since my friends liked it….

No matter how hard I try to forget you, I just can’t. Everything reminds me of you and of us. Every song I listen to, everywhere I go, I think of you. I never thought that I’d meet someone like you in my life. You are the sweetest and most caring person I’ve ever met. You’re smart, funny, kind, respectful, caring, sweet, and overall, you’re one of the people in life that I really cherish. I can’t even begin to explain how much I miss you. We had so many memories in such a short time. When I was with you, I was happiest. Ever since you left me, I haven’t been happy like that. I feel empty- like there’s something missing. I feel so stupid for being so infatuated with someone who doesn’t lose any sleep over me. I wish I could forget you, but I don’t think I ever will be able to. Hearing from you means the world to me, and I’m so glad we’re talking again. I really cherish you and I love you so much

Hurricane Sandy

Well, it’s been one long week. As most people know, Hurricane Sandy hit- and it hit HARD. It hit hard particularly on the Jersey Shore, and because of that, I’ve been without power. I had to sleep in a different place for a few nights because of damage and no power. It’s been really hard…. We’re going to have to spend at least $1,000 to replace what we lost and fix what was damaged in the hurricane. Right at the end of my street is the beach, and the beach was the cause of a LOT of flooding. I fortunately had minimal flooding in my house and barely any damage. My street never floods, but this time it did. The ocean met the bay, which caused more flooding. I watched the water come to my house, but never had it come up to my first floor. Some say I’m lucky, but I definitely am blessed. Others I know were not as fortunate and suffered much damage to their homes. My friends have 5 feet of water in their house and their whole first floor is ruined, same with my teacher- their whole first floor and some of second floor is flooded, my friend lost her house, my friend at one point had 12 ft of water in her basement, and the list goes on. I can’t even imagine…. I’m complaining cause I had no power for four days and we’re out hundreds of dollars (though it is a lot, especially when we don’t have much money in the first place), but others are out thousands of dollars. People lost their vehicles, furniture, food, TV, kitchens, parts of their house, docks, porches, etc…. Trees fell into my The homes of my friends, many people lost windows&siding, and my friend’s house was completely washed away…..It’s just crazy…. I’ve come to learn to appreciate what I have and always be grateful for what I have- even if it may seem terrible, there are always others who are worse off. I think the best part of this whole thing was being able to assist others (elders especially) in cleaning up&such… I’m kinda losing a specific point to this, but I guess it is just informative now. But I really just want to say Thank You God for protecting us in this terrible time. Your hand was in this the whole time…. Please help those who are still trying to restore their homes&provide for those who are in need.

This wind is really scary….

Times like these are when I think of you most…..




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